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Being a first home buyer is exciting. Your freedom. Your own little patch of the world. Your home. Keep that shine and make your first home buyer story as much of a dream as the home itself … with the expert guidance of Loanscope!
Are you donating more than you should to your bank’s record profits? Refinancing your home loan can save you thousands, and the process is made easy with Loanscope.  You could find yourself with a lot more cash in your pocket this year just for giving us a call!
Property investing is still the safest and most accessible way to make your first million. Loanscope points you down the path to financial freedom and gives you a little push on the way, with property investment advice and investment loan brokering services, including SMSF property loans.   Find out how.
Debt consolidation loans have long been pitched at those who are struggling financially (debt consolidation loans for bad credit) – but in fact, consolidation can save thousands for ordinary families and homeowners across the financial spectrum.

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A Clear Path

- Anton Gangemi

"Emmanuel takes the time to understand your goals and financial situation before identifying the right product for you, which is very helpful when you're drowning in a sea of information from lenders. His professionalism and positive outlook reassured me throughout the application process and I was impressed with the speed in which he was able to organise the loan." - See full review in Testimonials

PLeasantly surprised

- Jobin Jose

Having experienced a few other mortgage brokers, I was pleasantly surprised with Emmanuel's professionalism and his ability to articulate my mortgage options in a clear and concise manner.

Beyond Professional

- Ashli Beards

"Emmanuel made it happen - he is incredibly knowledgeable and instinctive, beyond professional, will bend over backwards to accommodate to your needs, immaculate in his detail, timely, responsive, works around the clock and completely above board in his transactions. After dealing with Emmanuel, we would not go direct to a Lender ever again." - See full review in Testimonials

Exceptional service

- Ilona Charles

I have known Emmanuel for quite a few years now. I would not hesitate in recommending Emmanuel to anyone! He provides exceptional service, always follows through on his commitments and each time I have needed to re-finance he has been able to secure exactly what I've needed (when the banks couldn't) and at an excellent rate! Thank so much Emmanuel - you have taken the stress away on many occasions now!!