Consumer sentiment is on the up, confidence in the housing market is surging and the number of experts tipping a Melbourne Cup Day cash rate cut is increasing. Let’s look at why we have that optimistic sentiment:

The magic of spring is back!

Houses look nicer in the light of spring, so an uptick in the property market around this time is normal. But this year in particular we’re seeing consumers more excited about what lies ahead.

This can be seen in the latest Westpac-Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment survey, which saw consumer sentiment increase by 11.9% to 105.0 in October (up from 93.8 in September).

“This is an extraordinary result,” says Westpac’s chief economist Bill Evans.

“The index has now lifted by 32% over the last two months to the highest level since July 2018.”

The housing market confidence is also high

One of the biggest takeaways from the latest consumer sentiment survey is that more and more people believe now is a good time to purchase property.

“Confidence in the housing market has boomed,” explains Mr Evans.

“The ‘time to buy a dwelling’ index increased 10.6% to its highest level since September 2019.”

House price expectation sentiments also rose strongly, up 31.5% to 117.3 (from 89.2), with all states registering impressive recoveries.

Why is consumer sentiment soaring?

While leaving behind the doom and gloom of a winter full of COVID lockdowns has probably helped property excitement, it’s not the only reason for the uptick in consumer sentiment.

This latest consumer sentiment survey has come right off the back of the federal government’s October Federal Budget, which allocated a record amount of spending and support measures to businesses and households. Buyers are more excited about the property market thanks to new budgets favouring their financial support.

Cuts to interest rates are also a likely factor in consumer sentiments. There’s also an increasing “expectation that the Reserve Bank (RBA) board is likely to further cut interest rates at its next meeting on November 3”, says Mr Evans. In fact, according to financial market pricing, there’s now around a 75% chance that it will happen.

That’s because, while previous communications from the RBA indicated that the “effective lower bound” of its official cash rate was 0.25%, in recent weeks it’s changed its tune, hinting at a willingness to cut it to 0.10% on Melbourne Cup Day.

“Recently, we have detected a change in attitude (from the RBA) indicating more confidence that the plumbing of the financial system can operate effectively at an even lower set of policy rates,” says Mr Evans.

“With that in mind, and the commitment towards full employment and the target for inflation, there seems to be no reason for the board to delay its decision.”

How’s your outlook at the moment?

So, how about you? Have things on the financial and property front started to look a little rosier recently?

If so, feel free to get in touch with us today. We’d love to run you through some of the financing options that may be available to you in the current financial landscape.

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Emmanuel Guignard (MBA)
Director & Principal Mortgage Broker
With over 15 years’ experience in the finance industry and a recently completed MBA in Financial Planning, Emmanuel leads the broking team at Loanscope. His experience includes working with a wide range of property investors, from first time buyers to investors with large property portfolios. This includes handling complex applications involving trusts, company structures and self-managed super funds. He also operates as a qualified mentor to other mortgage brokers via the FBBA mentor program.
Emmanuel Guignard