Alex K was running out of time. 

As a doting dad, he only wanted the best education for his daughter. That meant going to the best school possible.

But Alex had a problem. He knew he had to move closer to the city to make that dream for his daughter a reality. All the houses he looked at asked for premium prices. And the new school year was starting in only a matter of months.

Alex simply couldn?t afford it. 

He?d tried it all to save extra: he didn’t have a holiday for two years. He lived frugally. Stayed back and worked extra shifts at work. 

But even then the goal seemed hopelessly out of reach.

Alex’s singular focus started to play on his mind.

Each day, he fought an internal battle about how he could provide a special home and opportunity for his growing family.

Friends suggested looking into schools in Mount Waverley, where he was living. But Alex didn’t want to settle. He wanted to upgrade. He knew there was something better for him and his family.

All these emotions came to a head on one March day in 2019.

Property prices were at their lowest ebb in what seemed like ages. 

If he couldn?t afford it now, it would be even more out of reach later, he thought. It was now or never – and the chance to give his daughter the start in life he had coveted for so long.

After all that time taking on the worry and unease about trying to understand the property market, Alex found comfort in having someone else by his side.

Sometimes you need to bring in other people to support your journey.

Alex remembered Emmanuel from Loanscope, who had helped him buy his first home in Mount Waverley. 

If Loanscope couldn?t help him upgrade his home, then the dream was over, and he would have give up his goals. But there was still work to do. 

The Loanscope team set about helping Alex nail down exactly what he could afford, giving him a clearer picture of what his house hunt would look like. With each passing day, that vision became clearer and clearer. 

Alex went full throttle into his house hunt, knowing Emmanuel was there to provide expert advice on a potential loan. 

Amongst the search, he found a gem of a place in Kew East.

It was more affordable than the premium Hawthorn prices – yet close enough to place him in his desired school district. 

He pictured himself living there, surrounded by beautiful parklands and quiet, family-oriented streets.

It was the perfect property for his family. 

After years of searching, saving and stress, Alex secured a loan and purchased this fantastic property – all thanks to the Loanscope team. 

Big goals can seem so far away. 

But Alex realised that having professionals around you can make the process seem less overwhelming and ultimately more attainable – no matter the challenge.

“Emmanuel took away all the extra things that we would have found difficult, like the timing and applications, which was so complicated,” he said.

“I don?t think we could have done it (ourselves) to be honest.”

If you feel like you?re at a dead-end in your search for the perfect property, Loanscope is here to help. 

Get in touch with Emmanuel today and get that much closer to your property goals.

Emmanuel Guignard (MBA)
Director & Principal Mortgage Broker
With over 15 years’ experience in the finance industry and a recently completed MBA in Financial Planning, Emmanuel leads the broking team at Loanscope. His experience includes working with a wide range of property investors, from first time buyers to investors with large property portfolios. This includes handling complex applications involving trusts, company structures and self-managed super funds. He also operates as a qualified mentor to other mortgage brokers via the FBBA mentor program.
Emmanuel Guignard