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Borrowing Power Calculator

Use this Home Loan Calculator to find out your borrowing power based on your current salary and existing financial commitment.Read More »

Income Tax Calculator

A basic step for calculating how much you can borrow but also a valuable fundamental financial planning tool, our income tax calculator will help you work out your net income and tax on a yearly or weekly basis. Your income tax calculator takes two clicks and zero specialist knowledge!Read More »

Stamp Duty Calculator

Though most home buyers leave it as an afterthought, stamp duty is actually a significant part of the cost of establishing a new home loan. The stamp duty calculator can help you assess the impact on your deposit and your LVR … then we can help assess the impact on your home loan choices!Read More »

Home Loan Calculator

Find out your estimated monthly mortgage repayments with our simple & easy to use home loan calculator.Read More »

Extra Repayments

From little things, big things grow. The Extra repayments calculator will show you how true that statement is, when it comes to your home loan. Use the extra home loan repayment calculator to show you how making your own lunch could translate to tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket over your mortgage term.Read More »

Lump Sum Repayments

They can be a matter of necessity or of pride, but all renovations need to be financed! Renovation loans are often more difficult than standard home loans… unless you have us in your corner.Read More »

Loan Switching Calculator

Use our loan switching calculator to work out how much you can save on your monthly mortgage repayments by switching loans. Its simple and easy to use and if you require any assistance you can speak with one of our mortgage brokers.Read More »