Making mortgage choices better for medical professionals.

Are you a doctor or medical professional wanting to make your money work as hard as you do?  Our expert Melbourne-based advisors can come to you – and meet you when it suits you, where it suits you within the Greater Melbourne area. Would you benefit from:

  • Advice on special options and opportunities applicable specifically to doctors and medical professionals?
  • Straightforward explanations that make your options clear?
  • Expert advice tailored to your specific structures and goals?
  • Advice on how to make your SMSF work extra hard for your business?
  • Access to more mortgage options than any single lender can offer?
  • An expert on your side for complex negotiations?

You don’t work office hours – nor do we.

Our expert Melbourne-based advisors can come to you – and meet you when it suits you, where it suits you within the Greater Melbourne area.




As your local Melbourne Mortgage Brokers,
we can come to you during AND after-hours – face-to-face or online.

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Doctors are special people –
and the finance industry knows it.

When you’re busy building a high-stakes professional practice it can be hard to take the time to plan your future – especially if you’re trying to deal with bankers who are only available during business hours.

You work long hours and studied extremely hard to get where you are.

Your profession is so well known for your hard work and responsibility that certain financial institutions consider you to be low-risk borrowers – and are ready to make you some very special offers.

But where do you find the time, energy and headspace to research “home loans for doctors”  while you run a growing medical practice? How would you even know to search for special deals such as Lenders Mortgage Insurance Waivers in the first place?

Do you have the time to develop the skills and specialist knowledge to understand which mortgages and finance options are best suited to the complex structures you use to protect your future in Trusts, SMSFs and other vehicles?

Choosing the right loans for your financial future is all about detail and planning.   There is a massive and growing range of niche and mainstream mortgage options – and many come with hidden complexities that can save (or cost) you big dollars.

Whether you’re a doctor looking for your first home loan, or an established medical professional wanting to invest in commercial property in an optimal way, finding the right investment loan can make a big difference to both your current expenses and your future wealth.

Trying to navigate this massive complexity and make a good decision for the long term by yourself is like trying to diagnose a complex medical condition using “Doctor Google”.

You know the value of real expertise and deep experience. Call Us – 03 9988 1818

The mortgage-busting opportunities for medical professionals

The finance industry does treat doctors as special – if you know what to look for and how to negotiate.

At Loanscope we know all about what’s possible.  The sorts of advice we can provide includes:

Doctors and medical professionals receive preferential treatment from some financial institutions because they are considered low-risk borrowers. If you are a doctor you can take advantage of these special loan offers to buy your 1st home, your next home, refinance your current mortgage, buy an investment property, or build a new home.

Lenders require most borrowers to pay mortgage insurance (LMI) if they borrow more than 80% of the property value. (A one-off fee to pay for an insurance policy to cover the bank for any losses in the event of default.)

However, some lenders will waive the LMI for doctors, for loans of up to 90% of the property value (90% LVR).  This can equate to very large savings indeed!

Example: The LMI on a $900,000 loan for a $1 million property purchase is currently $25,072 with one of the big 4 banks!

In some cases, you might also be able to borrow some funds unsecured if you have some self-employed income. It can be used to effectively borrow 100% of your residential or commercial property projects.

We help you get clear about your big picture and the specific results you want to achieve.  Then we offer you the most relevant options and help you implement your chosen solutions quickly and easily.


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How can Loanscope help medical professionals?

We operate with your best interests at heart

We believe that what’s truly best for our clients is also truly the best for our future.  Our repeat customers and referral-driven growth prove we’ve made the right choice.

We revel in the complex analysis and calculations that go into the selection process – the math that makes a lot of people shudder.

While you care for your patients, your practice and your family  – we’ll line up well-matched options for you to choose from to grow your financial security.

We make the time to listen to your needs, your dreams and your goals. However long that is.   If it takes a two hour conversation after you put the kids to bed to get clarity, that’s what we do.

Because we listen, we can make sure that you can manage your money your way, with account structures that work for you.

When you really understand your needs, your goals and your options, then you can make sound mortgage decisions to support your future financial health. Request My Free Consultation

What does it cost?

Mortgage brokers are usually paid a commission by lenders to introduce new clients and organize home loans on their behalf. Therefore we generally do not charge clients for our services. 

All lenders pay a similar amount to brokers so there is no significant financial benefit in recommending one lender over another.  Lenders are selected on the basis of best client fit, not the amount of commission paid. 

Most of our business is repeat business and referral business – because we consistently deliver our customers great results AND a great experience.

That structure and that success rate mean that we have time:

  • Time to invest in understanding your needs
  • Time to invest in helping you understand your needs
  • Time to invest in helping you clarify your goals for your future
  • Time to research and analyse products to find exactly the right loan for your needs.

We have the time to help you reach your investment goals faster than you ever thought possible.

The Loanscope Story

Emmanuel Guignard started Loanscope in 2015 after many years as a relationship manager at CBA and Bank of Melbourne.  He knew he could do better for his clients than the limited set of one-size-fits-all mortgage products available from the big banks.

Emmanuel has found excellent finance solutions for all kinds of clients, including home loans for doctors and investment loans for busy medical professionals with growing practices.

Is your structure complex? Game on! Finding good products for medical professionals with multiple properties, complex trusts, companies, and SMSFs is all part of the challenge he loves – whether his clients are specialists, GPs, dentists or veterinarians.

Emmanuel will take the time to fully understand your individual situation and tailor his recommendations accordingly. Your best interests are his top priority and he will leave no stone unturned to find the lender and product that is the right fit for you.

Too busy to make a week-day meeting? Emmanuel will come to your Melbourne location or host you at our convenient Queens Road offices.

Call us now for your free loan checkup.

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