Property investment is one of the most popular ways to build wealth in Australia. The profitability of your investment property depends, to a large extent, on the terms of your finance. Investment properties can deliver ongoing rental income and long-term capital growth.

Loanscope's property investment experts can help you select a loan from over 600 available in the market ? then do all of the negotiating and liaising on your behalf, leaving you to hunt out your next goldmine!

Why invest?

There are many advantages of investing in property, including:

  • Security, in the sense of investing in bricks and mortar
  • Long-term capital growth potential
  • Negative gearing and tax deduction benefits
  • You can build equity and expand your property portfolio
  • Being able to offset expenses associated with the property, including depreciation on assets, against the rental income.

Structuring your investment home loan

When you meet with us, your Loanscope mortgage specialist will ask what you?re hoping to achieve by investing in property. Do you plan to earn an income from the investment, sell it once the value has increased and benefit from capital gains, or use the property as a form of enforced retirement savings? They will also explain the different costs associated with the investment, such as repairs, maintenance and insurance. If you have questions about accessing existing equity or gearing, Loanscope are here to help.

SMSF Loans

Self-Managed Super Fund loans are available from a range of lenders and can be used to purchase residential investment properties or commercial properties for your business. If you buy residential properties through your SMSF, they must be for investment purposes. However, if you purchase commercial property through your SMSF, you can rent the property to your business. This is a fantastic option for self-employed borrowers, as the rental income goes back into your SMSF, you build equity plus savings for your retirement!

The document and compliance requirements for SMSF loans are much more complex than standard home loans, which is why you?re likely to need our help. Loanscope has the expertise to make thorough comparisons between SMSF loan products and manage the complicated and time-consuming application process, right through to settlement. Please give us a call to discuss your options.

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