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Whether you’re dipping your first toe in the investment property water or have a substantial property portfolio, Loanscope investment property mortgage brokers is the right partner for your next Investment Property Loans:

  • Straightforward explanations that make choosing a loan for investment property clear.
  • Expert property investment advice tailored to your specific structures and goals.
  • Access to a broad range of mortgage alternatives the banks can’t offer (or match).
  • An expert investment property mortgage broker on your side through complex negotiations, getting you rates that could astound your bank.
  • A quality investment strategy to support growth inside your SMSF.

Our expert Melbourne-based mortgage brokers can come to you – and meet you Online through Zoom or in person when it suits you, where it suits you within the Greater Melbourne area.




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As your local Melbourne Mortgage Brokers, we can come to you during AND after-hours – face-to-face or online.

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Find a leading Melbourne Investment Property Loans Specialist in Melbourne

There are over  600 property investment loans available in the Australian market today. Finding the right mortgage for your property investment needs can be every bit as challenging as finding the right property to invest in.

It’s often difficult to get investment finance in the first place – particularly if you don’t know who has the best offer for your needs and how to make your case for finance. Especially if you are in the doctor or medical industry.

But it’s still much too easy to get the wrong loan for your needs and end up paying a whole lot more than you should.  (Sometimes so much that you can’t keep the property.)

Loans that sound cheap can have unexpected expenses that cost you a whole lot of money in the long run.

Big banks aren’t always invested in your best interests – and have become less so over time as markets dictate that short-term profit is their top priority.

Sometimes your investment loan interest rates are low – but they have limited flexibility and few features. There’s limited value in an investment loan that makes it difficult to rearrange your commitments and move your money around.

If you don’t have the expertise, it’s confusing and overwhelming trying to understand which mortgages and finance options are best suited to your needs and financial situation.

Trying to navigate this massive complexity and make a good decision for the long term by yourself is like trying to diagnose a complex medical condition using “Doctor Google”.

It may give you some useful background information, but it’s the wrong way to look after the only body you have.

You need expert advice from someone who knows the whole finance market – and can guide you through the decision-making process.

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Find a mortgage broker who is there to serve your best interests.

A good mortgage broker knows the whole mortgage market – not just the tired, big bank offers.

A good mortgage broker not only knows the niche financial products – but also understand the full picture:

  • The right products for your investment structure.
  • The full costs of each product (not just the headline interest rate).
  • The ancillary facilities that will give you flexibility and control.

A good mortgage broker doesn’t just do “loans” – they help you build an investment strategy for the long term.

A good mortgage broker will also make the time to fully understand:

  • Who you are and what you want to achieve.
  • How you set up the right structure.
  • What levels of security and flexibility you need.
  • What your long term goals are.

Then they will help you to develop:

  • A robust property investment strategy for your future.
  • Structures to support your strategy, such as SMSFs.

Loanscope’s property investment advisors can help you select a loan from over 600 available in the market. Then we do all of the negotiating and liaising on your behalf, allowing you to go hunting for your next goldmine!

How can Loanscope help you reach your property investment goals?

Each lender will have particular criteria you will need to meet. Loanscope will help you select the lender that best suits your situation and will offer you a competitive interest rate.

Just as importantly, Loanscope will advise you on the way to structure your loan in light of your future property investment plans. Structuring your loan correctly has tax implications that may save you plenty in the short / medium term.

Only mortgage brokers with specialised knowledge and experience can assist you in this area. You are unlikely to get this specialist knowledge or flexible service going directly to a bank – because bank lending officers only know their own limited product range.

Structuring your investment home loans

When you meet with us, your Loanscope property investment advisor will help you explore what you want to achieve through property investment.

Do you plan to earn an income from the investment and sell it once the value has increased and benefit from capital gains?  Or is your goal to use the property as a form of enforced retirement savings?

We will also help you understand the costs associated with the investment such as repairs, maintenance and insurance.

If you have questions about accessing existing equity or gearing we are here to give you complete property investment advice. Bring all your questions and take all the time you need to  understand the answers.

SMSF Loans

Self-Managed Super Fund loans are available from a range of lenders and can be used to purchase residential investment properties or commercial properties for your business.

It’s important to know that if you buy residential properties through your SMSF, they must be for investment purposes. However, if you purchase commercial property through your SMSF, you can rent the property to your business.

This is a fantastic option for self-employed borrowers, as the rental income goes back into your SMSF, you build equity plus savings for your retirement!

The document and compliance requirements for SMSF loans are much more complex than standard home loans, which is why you?re likely to need expert help.

We will guide you through the detailed process of comparing SMSF loan products and manage the complicated and time-consuming application process, right through to settlement.

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Call or email us today for your free assessment. We are mobile and will fit in with your schedule to give you all of the information you need to make the right decision on your home or commercial finance.

If you have time to prepare, check out how much you can borrow or what deposit you need with our affordability calculator.

We operate with your best interests at heart


We believe that what’s truly best for our clients is also truly the best strategy for our own future success.  Over the years, our repeat customers and referral-driven growth prove we’ve made the right choice.

We revel in the complex analysis and calculations that go into the selection process – the math that makes a lot of people shudder. We make the time to listen to your needs, your dreams, and your goals. However long that may be.

If it takes a two-hour conversation after you put the kids to bed to get clarity, then that’s what we do.

Because we listen, we can make sure that you can manage your money your way, with account structures that work for you.

When you really understand your needs, your goals, and your options, then you can make sound mortgage decisions to support your future financial health.

What does it cost?

What does it cost?

Mortgage brokers are usually paid a commission by lenders to introduce new clients and organize home loans on their behalf. Therefore we generally do not charge clients for our services.

All lenders pay a similar amount to brokers so there is no significant financial benefit in recommending one lender over another.  Lenders are selected on the basis of the best client fit, not the amount of commission paid.

Most of our business is repeat business and referral business – because we consistently deliver our customers great results AND a great experience.

That structure and that success rate mean that we have time:

  • Time to invest in understanding your needs
  • Time to invest in helping you understand your needs
  • Time to invest in helping you clarify your goals for your future
  • Time to research and analyse products to find exactly the right loan for your needs.

We have the time to help you reach your investment goals faster than you ever thought possible.

The Loanscope team at your service

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We take the time to fully understand your individual situation and tailor our recommendations accordingly. Your best interests are our top priority and we will leave no stone unturned to find the lender and product that is the right fit for you.

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