Stamp Duty Calculator

Though most home buyers leave it as an afterthought, stamp duty is actually a significant part of the cost of establishing a new home loan. The stamp duty calculator can help you assess the impact on your deposit and your LVR … then moneyQuest can help assess the impact on your home loan choices!

You might be dazzled by a low price on your dream home – but don’t forget to consult the stamp duty calculator before you finalise your decision! Stamp duty rates across Australia make up a signficant portion of your home purchase costs. The State Revenue Office sets rates across Victoria, NSW, WA, SA and Queensland, and this stamp duty calculator uses the most current figures provided by the official office to assess your obligations. ‘Stamps’ get more expensive every year – if you’re buying a home you must have this important piece of the pricing puzzle from the stamp duty calculator before you start punching numbers into your budget.

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